The 10 best VPN services of 2019

The 10 best VPN services of 2019

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The best VPN allows users to gain anonymity and protection online from anywhere. When you use a VPN service, you can protect your online activities against online hackers, ISPs and others. Through our guide, you will learn about the best VPN services along with their features and other offers. In the same way, you can decide which VPN services you should choose to get the maximum protection online.

That being said, do you want to watch your favorite movies or TV shows on famous streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO Now and other channels? Do you want to download your favorite torrents from anywhere without having problems? Do you want to protect your data and remain anonymous while using public Wi-Fi?
If your answer is ‘Yes’ for all these questions, then you need to explore the best VPN services for 2019. Before talking about the VPN software that works best, the user should know what a VPN is.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is an online tool that allows users to obtain online protection and anonymity. When using a VPN, you need to connect to a VPN server of your choice. Therefore, you can obtain an alternative IP address that makes it anonymous in the eyes of your ISP, online hackers and surveillance agencies. In addition, it provides a secure gateway through which users can access their desired applications and websites anonymously.

Why do I need a VPN?

Many users do not value the use of a VPN. It offers unprecedented benefits and keeps you safe from the invisible risks present on the Internet. Here is why you need a VPN service :

If you are a Streamer

For users who wish to fulfill their transmission wishes, they should use better VPN software. This is because many streamers cannot see their desired content due to the blockage of the region and the problems of copyright infringement. After selecting the best VPN server, you can unlock famous streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Pandora, and others.

You may consider reading our PPTP VPN guide to achieving your transmission cravings.

If you are a sports fan

If you want to see popular sporting events like the National Football League (NFL), the MLS, the NBA, and others, a better VPN 2019 service is your best bet. This is because it can address blockage problems in the region and, in some circumstances, buy event-by-event events at cheap prices.

If you are aware of privacy

A VPN masks your IP address so that all your online activities are secure and impossible to track. In addition, you can impersonate your location online instantly. By doing so, users can protect their online privacy from eavesdroppers and surveillance agencies.

If you are a Torrent user

The same goes for the users of torrents since a better VPN provider allows you to download your preferred stream from anywhere. When you download a torrent file, the peers and crawlers will observe the IP address of your VPN service.

In this way, ISPs and copyright trolls cannot track their actual location and what they are downloading because the connection between their computer and the VPN server is encrypted.

If you want to omit censorship online

If you want to avoid censorship online, nothing comes close to selecting the best VPN providers. For those netizens who live under the oppression of censorship, such as China or the United Arab Emirates, VPN 2019 services are very useful. This is how you can overcome censorship online and view the blocked content of the region from any country safely.

If you are a fan of the game

By using a better VPN service, gaming enthusiasts can connect to gaming servers abroad, unblock websites and reduce ping in some circumstances. In addition, players can protect themselves from DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) and enjoy a fluid game.

Is a VPN safe to use?

Interestingly, not all VPN services are as safe as they say, especially free providers. To judge whether the provider is secure, you should explore its privacy policy and know the information it collects. This is because there are VPN providers in the industry that can sell your personal information to third-party marketers and maintain records of your activities without your consent.

How can I configure a better VPN?

Users can configure a better VPN from anywhere without any hassle. This is how you can do to achieve your mission :
  • Subscribe to your preferred VPN service
  • Download and install the corresponding application on your device
  • You can connect to the VPN server after entering your account details
  • You can view your favorite content or perform any online activity safely

10 best VPN services for 2019

When it comes to discussing the best VPN services for 2019, users should consider their prerequisite. The best VPN providers offer servers in different countries of the world. In addition, these services provide a list of tunnel protocols along with different levels of encryption.

In addition, the best VPN is compatible with various operating systems and devices such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and routers. Subscribers can opt for services that offer a multiple sign-in features.

Here is the list of the best VPN services that includes :

1. PureVPN

PureVPN is possibly the best VPN service in terms of price and impressive features. The service is based in Hong Kong and offers its services in 141 countries through more than 750 servers worldwide. In addition, the service offers several benefits to users in the form of multiple access, customer support, interrupt switch, etc.


  • The service offers seven days of money back guarantee to users
  • The provider has detailed configuration guides and a tutorial section for new subscribers.
  • The service provides 256-bit military grade encryption


  • The provider does not have the free trial function
PureVPN Pricing plans

If you consider the main attributes of the best VPN services, the prices are at the top of the list. Therefore, we have given the PureVPN # 1 ranking based on its pricing feature. The service mainly offers three types of pricing plans for users.

Users can make use of their monthly pricing plan at a cost of $ 10.95 per month. The same goes for the one-year and two-year pricing plans that you can buy for $ 4.92 and $ 2.88 respectively.


PureVPN Compatibility

The service offers easy-to-use applications to subscribers that allows them to secure their privacy online. You can install your preferred VPN applications on different devices such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and other platforms.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is another VPN service that promises a lot to users. An online service based in Panama, NordVPN offers more than 1400 servers in 61 countries around the world. In addition, the service offers a list of impressive features that make the provider an interesting option for its subscribers.


  • The service offers dedicated servers for the purpose of transmission
  • The provider has a list of tunneling protocols for users
  • The service provides an easy-to-use customer service benefit for subscribers


  • The service offers a strict refund policy for users

NordVPN Pricing plans

Interestingly, users can opt NordVPN another excellent VPN service to obtain online anonymity according to their own budgets. Currently, the provider offers three types of pricing plans. Therefore, we have awarded the NordVPN # 2 ranking based on its pricing feature.

If you want to buy a VPN account from NordVPN, you must pay $ 11.95 monthly. Similarly, you can make use of the annual pricing plan at a cost of $ 5 .7 5 on a monthly basis. The same applies to the two-year pricing plan since you will have to pay $ 3. 29 per month to take advantage of this package.


NordVPN Compatibility

NordVPN allows users to experience the outstanding features of the service on their desired devices, such as Windows, Mac, Android, and others. The service is included in the list of VPN providers that offer the best VPN software for its subscribers.

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is the best VPN service available because it protects your online activity from snoopers online. You get unlimited bandwidth with the highest encryption, that is, 256 bits you get from any premium VPN. Its best-in-class VPN application makes it easier for users to reach anonymity online without hassle.


  • Automatic switch off
  • The highest possible speed
  • Applications available for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, routers
  • DNS and IP leakage protection
  • 256-bit encryption


  • We no longer offer a free trial version in all regions

CyberGhost Pricing Plans

Based on its impressive price margin, we’ve awarded # 10 to CyberGhost. The service offers three types of pricing plans to subscribers. These price plans include monthly, annual and two annual price plans. You can pay $ 11.99 to take advantage of the monthly price package without stress.

You can also pay $ 5.99 and $ 3.50 to take advantage of the annual price plans and two annual plans from anywhere.

CyberGhost Compatibility

Fortunately, CyberGhost subscribers can use the service on their preferred devices. As a result, you can obtain anonymity and protection online in your desired operating systems and devices without anticipating any problems.

4. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is an online privacy service that strives to become a leading provider of online privacy in the future. The service offers its services in 56 countries through more than 100 servers around the world. The provider offers some incredible benefits to its users that transform the reputation of the brand on another level.


  • Users can take advantage of the thirty-day money back guarantee
  • The service provides a list of tunnel protocols to its subscribers
  • Offers dedicated servers for the purpose of transmission


  • The service does not provide free trial benefit for users

PrivateVPN Pricing Plans

If you consider PrivateVPN as the best VPN service due to its pricing feature, you are right. It means that you can make use of three types of price packages to guarantee your privacy online. Based on the pricing attribute, we have segmented PrivateVPN at number 4 because it offers easy-to-use price packages.


You can also assume that the service is a cheap VPN since it does not cost much. Users can use the monthly plan at $ 7.67. In addition, you can make use of 13-month and three-month price packages after paying $ 3.88 and $ 5.25 respectively.

PrivateVPN Compatibility

PrivateVPN is one of the best VPNs that offers compatibility features at the highest level. Users can take advantage of the service on their preferred devices from anywhere immediately.

5. Ivacy VPN

Ivacy is a best VPN provider based in Hong Kong that offers its more than 200 servers in more than 100 countries around the world. In addition, the provider does not follow any registration policy for its subscribers. The service also offers different benefits that make Ivacy VPN a good option for new users.


  • The service offers a multi-login feature to its subscribers
  • The service is compatible with all the major operating systems and devices
  • The service provides seven days money back guarantee benefit to the users


  • The service has a strict refund policy for subscribers

Ivacy VPN Pricing Plans

Ivacy is another of the main VPN services that offer affordable price packages for users. Therefore, we have granted Ivacy the ranking number 5 based on its characteristics and the pricing attribute. This is because the service has three types of pricing plans for users.


You can take advantage of the monthly price package at a cost of $ 9.95. You can also opt for the six-month plan after paying $ 6.00 per month. In addition, you can get your annual plan at a cost of $ 2.04 per month.

Ivacy Compatibility

Ivacy is also assumed to be one of the most reliable VPN services because you can experience the compatibility function without problems. Users can install this cheap VPN provider application on their different devices like Android, iOS, and others directly.

6. ExpressVPN

You can not keep ExpressVPN off the list of the best VPNs for 2019. ExpressVPN has really worked hard on its services and has made a case to be called one of the most reliable providers of 2019. It provides more than 140 servers in 94 countries, ensuring greater access to websites and restricted channels.


  • 1,700+ global VPN servers
  • Offshore privacy protection
  • 256-bit AES protection
  • No activity and connection logs
  • IP address masking


  • Can only be used with 3 devices simultaneously

ExpressVPN Pricing plans

You can pay $ 8.32 / month for a 12-month plan. If you plan to subscribe to a semester plan, you must pay $ 9.99 / month. Similarly, you can make use of the monthly price plan at a cost of $ 12.95 monthly. Based on its price, we have classified ExpressVPN in sixth place.

ExpressVPN Compatibility

ExpressVPN surely belongs to the category of excellent VPN services due to its compatibility. Users can experience the best-hidden features of the VPN service on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices without problems.

7. HideMyAss

It is nothing less than a heinous crime without mentioning HideMyAss in the list of the most important VPNs of 2019. It has earned its place thanks to its consistent performances and improved services. With HideMyAss plugged into your device, you are guaranteed to enjoy unlimited access to all restricted websites.


  • Multiplatform application
  • 1 the license connects to 5 devices simultaneously
  • 760+ servers in more than 190 locations
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • No restrictions on unloading or loading


  • Based in the United Kingdom

HideMyAss Pricing plans

Based on its current pricing structure, we have awarded the HideMyAss # 7 ranking. This is because HideMyAss costs you only $ 6.55 / month and, in return, gives you unlimited access and protects your online network.


HideMyAss Compatibility

HideMyAss, being the best VPN provider is widely popular all over the world. In addition, it ensures that the needs of all users are met. It is compatible with almost all devices and operating software. It also offers better VPN clients to users that allow them to protect their online activities from ISPs and online hackers.

8. ibVPN

We have included ibVPN in our list due to its prices and servers. IronSocket is not only easy to use in your pocket, but it also offers superior features like other better VPNs. It provides more than 100 servers in 37 countries and allows you to access geo-restricted websites on your devices.


  • 100+ servers in 47 countries
  • Invisible navigation
  • 500,000+ satisfied customers
  • 15-day money back guarantee
  • Unlock geo-restricted websites


  • Keeps records during the first 7 days

ibVPN Pricing plans

We have proudly awarded the ibVPN # 8 slot in our main VPN services in 2019 due to its pricing attribute. Users can make use of their monthly pricing plan at a cost of $ 4.83. Similarly, you can obtain your standard annual price plan at a cost of $ 3.08 on a monthly basis.


ibVPN Compatibility

This attractive VPN service is highly compatible with all leading platforms and devices. It means that you can install ibVPN on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and others to maintain your freedom and anonymity online from anywhere.

9. Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private Internet Access (PIA) encrypts your online activity and provides an anonymous IP address that protects your privacy. Unblock all websites on the Internet from anywhere, which makes it the best VPN service. You can also pay anonymously with many gift cards, such as Starbucks, Wal-Mart and Best Buy, etc.


  • Encrypted Wi-Fi
  • No traffic records
  • Instant configuration
  • Block Ads
  • 5 devices simultaneously


  • No live chat available
  • Does not offer free VPN Netflix and VPN for the Netflix function
Private Internet Access Pricing plans

Interestingly, you can consider private access to the Internet as one of the main VPN services in 2019. This is because the service offers reasonable price plans with a multitude of functions and very important for the privacy of the user. Therefore, we have awarded the PIA # 9 ranking based on its price.


10. IPVanish

Whenever you need a VPN that offers private Internet connections with strong encryption, you can always use IPVanish. Pass censorship filters with ease because it has more than 1,000 VPN servers in more than 60 countries.


  • Unlimited P2P traffic
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • No traffic records
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Anonymous torrenting


  • Connect and disconnect problems
  • Sometimes speed can be a problem

IPVanish Pricing Plans

IPVanish is another impressive VPN service that offers easy-to-use pricing plans for its users. If you want to buy a VPN that is included in the list of the best VPN in China, you should try IPVanish. The service offers three types of pricing plans, such as an annual plan, a three-month plan, and a one-month plan.

Therefore, we have awarded the IPVanish # 3 ranking based on its current pricing feature. Users can make use of their monthly pricing plan at a cost of $ 10.00 per month. Similarly, users can take advantage of quarterly and annual pricing plans after paying $ 8.99 and $ 6.49 per month.


Better VPN for operating systems

There are different types of operating systems available to users. These various operating systems are Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS. However, users are required to connect to a better VPN 2018 service to protect their devices instantly.

This is because the devices can become an easy target for hackers who can inflict viruses on these operating systems. Therefore, the VPN role turns out to be very important when it comes to protecting your operating systems from intruders.

The best VPN for Windows

It would not be a surprise if we say that there are millions of Windows users in the world. However, not all things are rosy with the Windows operating system. With the passage of time, online security vulnerabilities have grown at a rapid pace. Therefore, users have no choice but to use the best VPN provider of 2019.

After connecting to your best-desired VPN software for Windows from the list above, you can overcome problems such as hacking and malicious threats. For more details, see our guide on VPN for Windows.
Through a VPN for Windows, you can unlock your desired content from anywhere. In addition, you can falsify your online location of your ISPs and other surveillance authorities. In the same way, it can overcome the problem of online censorship that prevails in different countries worldwide.

The best VPN for Mac

In the same way, the Mac operating system has captured the attention of users around the world. When it comes to exploring stability, integrity, and reliability, nothing compares to the Mac operating system. However, the same goes for the Mac because online hackers can attack bugs and security issues within the Mac.

Therefore, users need a VPN service that offers the level of security required by hackers or intruders. By using VPN software on Mac, you can protect your identity online and safeguard confidential data. Our exclusive Mac VPN guide sheds more light on the security of your privacy, Take a look and take a look.

With the help of a VPN 2019 software for Mac, you can secure your crucial information such as username, passwords and also protect your device from the vulnerabilities present in unsecured Wi-Fi networks. In addition, you can bypass the problem of blocking the region and online censorship accordingly.

Better VPN for Linux

Linux is a free open source operating system that you can use as your preferred desktop operating system. In addition, there are more than 250 versions of Linux (distros) such as Ubuntu and Mint available to users. However, the operating system is vulnerable to different threats and not totally secure.


Therefore, you must connect to a VPN service provider to protect your Linux devices from cybercriminals. A VPN hides your online activities from your ISPs and from anyone who monitors your activities. In the same way, you can avoid the problems of blocking the region and online censorship. Therefore, a  Linux VPN  is critical for internet freedom and anonymity.

Best VPN for Android

Android has become one of the most popular mobile operating systems among users around the world. This is the reason why online hackers are targeting Android devices. In addition, Android users can anticipate online streaming restrictions when they want to watch their favorite video content on their devices.
Therefore, users should opt for a VPN 2019 software for their Android devices. By doing so, they can overcome problems such as transmission restrictions and can transmit video services such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer from anywhere.
In addition, users of Android devices can protect themselves against the KRACK attack and protect their Android devices from online hackers while using public Wi-Fi networks. You can check our extensive publication on  Android VPN  for more information.

Better VPN for routers

Routers allow communication between the local home network, connected devices and the Internet. The role of a router is crucial because you can consider the device as the first line of security.
Therefore, users must improve their online security level through the VPN software for routers. If you are looking for more information about which router to select, read our  Guide VPN Router.

Better VPN for different regions

Interestingly, Internet users around the world require the best VPN to falsify online locations. In addition, they can anticipate problems such as online censorship, blocking the region and others through a VPN service.
Therefore, users must connect to a VPN of their choice to obtain anonymity online from anywhere.
Better VPN for the United Kingdom

Internet users who live in countries such as the United Kingdom must connect to a VPN provider. If you do not use a premium VPN service, it can become an easy target for copyright holders and ISPs. This is because the British government implemented the “Digital Economy Law” that allows official authorities to punish copyright infringers.
Therefore, users have no choice but to use the best VPN in the United Kingdom. By doing so, you can connect to the VPN server in the United Kingdom and avoid the problem of copyright infringement without problems. In addition, you can unlock your preferred video services in the UK through alternative IP addresses. For more information, check our  VPN for UK  guide.
The best VPN for the USA
In the same way, Internet users who live in the United States have to face different online restrictions that do not allow them to access their desired content. Therefore, ISPs can now monitor their subscribers’ online activities instantly. In this case, the role of the best VPN is useful as it allows users to get online protection and access their favorite content.
After connecting to a server in the US UU., You can unblock your favorite video streaming channel immediately. To see up close each VPN service, review your reviews in our USA VPN guide.
The best VPN for Canada
Canada is one of those countries where Internet users face different types of restrictions online. In order to circumvent these limitations online, users are required to connect to the best VPN services to see their required content. In addition, you can avoid problems such as blocking regions, online surveillance and other problems. If you are looking for more information about security and privacy threats in the region, read our  Canada  VPN send.
Best VPN for Australia
If you live outside of Australia and want to see famous Australian films and programs, you should use the best VPN. This is because you will not be able to see local content on your desired devices due to geographic restrictions. Therefore, you must change your location online to see your favorite content outside of Australia. For more details on what shows unlock, see our VPN for Australia guide.
Best VPN for Singapore
Users can not access their favorite video services such as Netflix and Hulu in Singapore due to the principle of blocking the region. Therefore, you should use a VPN that works extraordinarily well in Singapore. In addition, you can bypass surveillance and prevent ISPs from recording your movements by connecting to a VPN service. Click here for more information about  Singapore VPN.
Best VPN for China
China is one of the most difficult countries in terms of online censorship, where users have to face restrictions in the form of the Great Firewall. In addition, they can not access famous social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and other services such as Google.
Therefore, Internet users use premium VPN providers that offer online anonymity and access to the Internet. After connecting to your desired VPN server, they can address issues such as blocking the region and censoring. You can also watch our China VPN publish for more information about GSW and how it censors the Internet.
Better VPN for the Philippines
When it comes to using VPN services that allow users to unlock their preferred video services in the Philippines, they must opt for the best VPNs. By doing so, they can fulfill their transmission wishes, as they can watch their television shows, movies and much more. Learn more about using a VPN in our Philippines VPN guide.
Best VPN for India
India is another country that has strict copyright infringement laws. This is the reason why users choose to connect to the best VPN 2019 and use P2P services anonymously.
With a VPN, you can hide your online location from the perspective of the surveillance agencies and overcome the problem of blocking the region to get access to your video services outside of India. In our India VPN guide, we illustrate in detail how the Indian authorities block certain websites and prosecute copyright infringers.
Best VPN for the United Arab Emirates
Fortunately, users residing in the UAE can address various restrictions in line with a VPN. Yes, you have read it correctly, the best VPN for UAE allows subscribers to reach anonymity online on their preferred device. In addition, you can unblock your desired websites or transmission services through alternative IP addresses.
After connecting to a VPN server of your choice, you can easily spoof your online location from the ISPs. Therefore, you can perform any online activity you want without fear of online supervision. But is it safe to use a VPN in the UAE? You can see our UAE VPN guide for more details.

The best VPN for different purposes

Users can opt for the best VPN for various purposes, such as streaming or torrents, games, anonymous web browsing, and others.
Best VPN to surf the anonymous online Internet
Internet users can use the VPN 2019 software to obtain anonymity online from anywhere. In addition, they can perform all their online activities without fear of online supervision of ISPs.
If you want to connect to a VPN service that offers the level of protection required against hackers, you should consider using a VPN. For more information, check our exclusive article on a nónimo VPN.
Better VPN for Torrenting
Torrenting allows users to share files over the Internet instantly. However, there are different countries where you can not use P2P services to share files. Also, you can not access different torrent websites because they are prohibited in the region.
To avoid this problem, select a VPN that works best for torrents. By doing so, you can ensure your privacy online and remain anonymous. Here is the list of advantages of using a VPN :
  • Speed
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • Data registration policy
  • NAT firewall
  • Forwarding of ports
Therefore, users should opt for a VPN that offers all the above features in a single package. For detailed reviews on each provider, read our Torrent VPN Guide.

Best VPN for Firestick

A Firestick is a flash drive that can be plugged into the HDMI port of your TV. The device has become an incredible choice for users who want to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. However, you should use a VPN that works better for Firestick and allows you to unlock geographically restricted content.


Here is the list of several channels you can see through Firestick on your devices:
  • Crackle
  • HBO now
  • news from the BBC
  • Food Network
  • ESPN
However, Firestick users must protect their identities online since ISPs can transmit their information to copyright holders. Therefore, you should try Firestick VPN services that offer anonymity and protection to Firestick fans.

Best VPN for Kodi

Kodi is an impressive open source media platform that offers free streaming of TV shows, movies and more. However, it uses third-party add-ons that obtain content from torrents and other sources. Therefore, the role of the Best VPN for Kodi is useful when you want to see your preferred content.


After connecting to your desired VPN server, you can overcome legal problems such as copyright infringement and DMCA notices. If you want to learn how to install a VPN on the transmission platform and what add-ons you should use, check out our  Kodi VPN  guide.

Which VPN is the best?

A better VPN application or service presents the expectations of its subscribers proactively. Still opting for the best VPN services can be tricky, especially when you have little or no knowledge of VPN technology.
When you are presented with the main VPNs, it is difficult for you to choose one due to the challenges you must face due to the high competition among the providers of the virtual private network. Therefore, it is very important to know the difference between a good and the best VPN provider
If you review in detail our best VPN assessments, you can decide on some of the best VPN services immediately. Based on the findings of the different best VPN reviews, we have explored PureVPN as one of the excellent VPN services.
You have every reason to ask why we chose PureVPN. Based on our analysis, we create different PureVPN attributes:
  • Prices
  • Payment methods
  • Network of servers
  • Multi-login
  • Money back guarantee
  • Tunneling and encryption protocols
  • Lifetime
  • Customer Support
  • Proxy Servers
  • Torrenting help


Our PureVPN review indicates that the service offers three types of pricing plans to subscribers. Therefore, you can select your preferred price plan that suits your demands accordingly. Similarly, you can get an amazing 74% discount when you use your two-year pricing plans.

Payment methods
PureVPN surely belongs to the category of invaluable VPN services. This is because it offers an extensive list of online payment methods for users. You can use PayPal, Bitcoin, AliPay and other online payment options to stay safe and anonymous through the Internet.
Network of Servers
PureVPN offers its services in 141 countries through more than 750 servers worldwide. Therefore, users can make use of their exclusive VPN applications to connect to their preferred servers from anywhere.
Interestingly, subscribers can opt for the service to use the multiple login features on their desired devices without problems. If you want to use a better VPN service according to your own terms, PureVPN is an interesting option.
Money back guarantee
According to our analysis, PureVPN is a cost-effective VPN software that offers seven-day money back guarantee benefit for users. Therefore, you can examine the performance of the service in detail on various devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, and others.
Customer Support
PureVPN offers an impressive customer service function for subscribers. Therefore, users can obtain the solution of their queries in a timely manner. According to our different reviews of VPN services, the service can capture the attention of existing and potential users immediately.
Tunnel Protocols and Encryption
Users can perceive PureVPN as one of the excellent VPN providers because it offers a list of tunneling protocols. In addition, you can obtain 256-bit encryption of military grade along with your desired protocols, such as OpenVPN, SSTP, and others.
Fortunately, users can opt for PureVPN as one of the main VPN services that offer lifetime packages on an ongoing basis. By doing so, users can get nice discounts and protect their desired devices instantly.
Proxy Servers
What makes PureVPN different from the other useful VPN services is the availability of the free proxy server function. Therefore, you can unlock your desired websites with the help of your best free anonymous proxy server from anywhere.
Torrenting assistance
PureVPN is included among the best-qualified VPN services since it supports the P2P activities of its users. In addition, the service provides a better VPN software that allows you to enjoy the function of unlocking VPN sites to another level.

Considerations to find the best VPN

For the convenience of the users, we have compiled a list of different factors that make any good VPN service excellent. The list of several factors consists of :
  • Prices
  • Compatibility with different devices
  • Online privacy
  • Access to blocked social networks in the region and other transmission services
  • Avoid the problems of the DMCA and online censorship
If you want to buy the VPN service of your choice, you must first make sure to explore the attributes mentioned above. Therefore, you can ensure your privacy online after connecting to the best VPN service from anywhere.

Different main types of VPN

A VPN service helps you protect your online activities by falsifying your online locations through alternative IP addresses. As a result, you can perform your desired tasks online, such as web browsing anonymously instantly.
There are several better VPN types, such as remote access VPN and site-to-site VPN. Therefore, you can use the VPN types described above to ensure your privacy online without any hassle.
Remote access VPN
A remote access VPN offers the best VPN client software for users. It also allows users to develop secure connections through a remote computer network. By doing so, Internet users can access the company or the private online business network anonymously.
VPN site-to-site
A site-to-site VPN is also known as the router-to-router VPN organizations that are used to protect your communications and information online. In addition, you can use this type of VPN to connect to the multiple offices of the same organization.
When organizations or companies select a site-to-site VPN to connect to the offices of other companies or companies, it becomes an extranet-based VPN.

What is the best VPN for the transmission?

When you want to use the best VPN for transmission, you must consider different attributes. These various attributes transform the performance of major VPN services or excellent VPN providers to new heights. Also, the best VPN for streaming should offer a list of free proxy server websites for users.
In addition, the best VPN service for streaming should offer the Netflix VPN configuration feature. By doing so, users can fulfill their Netflix transmission wishes without problems. If your VPN provider works best in all test categories, you can take over your service as one of the best VPN providers.

The best results of VPN services depend on several aspects that include DNS leaks, IP address leakage, application performance, and others. You should also consider factors such as sign-in policies, reliability, speed, and others that make good or average VPN services the best.

Best VPN Reddit

Reddit is one of the most popular interactive platforms that offer valuable information on different privacy issues in a timely manner. With the help of this informative forum, you can explore in detail the best VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP / IPsec, PPTP, IKEv2. Also, you can compare PPTP vs L2TP en consecuencia.
Similarly, you can find information on the best VPN for P2P activity and the best cheap VPN instantly. Therefore, you can access the platform to know in detail the different characteristics and disadvantages of VPN services. In our Reddit VPN publication, we have listed some providers, according to the votes by the users.

Best VPN Twitter

Twitter is another incredible platform like Reddit that allows you to get unbiased reviews of the best VPN services. Here is the response of a Twitter user who suggests that you should use one of the best VPN applications to support online freedom immediately.

The best VPN FAQs:

What to look for in a VPN
When it comes to selecting the best VPN service or software of your choice, you should consider the factors. These factors are the policies of pricing, registration, availability of servers, a guarantee of money back or free trial, computability, tunneling protocols along with encryption and others. As a result, you can make the right decision about your online privacy accordingly.
What is a mobile VPN?
A mobile VPN service allows subscribers to protect their mobile devices against various online security problems. By doing so, you can secure your online activities on the fly from the eyes of hackers online to the next level.

Who needs a VPN?

If you want to protect your web traffic over the Internet, nothing compares to VPN. Through a VPN, you can protect your online activities from online eavesdroppers and data surveillance agencies. In addition, you can bypass the three-letter threat to another level. Yes, you have read it correctly. These three letters are NSA and ISP that can crawl into the hot water of legal problems. Here is the list of several reasons that encourage users to opt for the best VPN provider. The list consists of:
  • You can use Wi-Fi public services securely from anywhere
  • You can negotiate censorship tactics online without problems
  • You can hide your VOIP phone calls according to your own terms
  • You can see your favorite local media services or content
  • You can get online freedom and digital privacy without stress
How to choose the best VPN service
If you are looking for an excellent VPN provider to unlock unlimited websites and to counteract the threats of hackers and vile elements, make sure the following questions are fully answered in detail.
  • How many servers do you get with the VPN provider?
  • Are your online activities being monitored?
  • Do you provide rich Encryption and Protocol support?
  • Do you offer a money back guarantee or a free trial to your users?
  • The prices are a little higher for your taste?
  • Do they give you the authority to use simultaneous connections?
How to test the best VPN service
Our list of the main VPN providers for 2019 is finalized after an exhaustive study of the aforementioned questions. We have tested your services to make sure that our readers do not have to go through the unbearable process of testing VPN providers.
What are VPN protocols?
A VPN protocol regulates when it comes to routing user data between the VPN server and the user’s computer. There are different types of tunnel protocols that offer different benefits for users. Users can consider these benefits in the form of privacy, speed, and others. Here is the list of the 5 main tunnel protocols that include:
The best VPN clients offer this type of VPN protocol to users. This VPN protocol provides 256-bit military grade encryption by default. Users can opt for the OpenVPN protocol on their desired devices, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.
PPTP is one of the pioneering tunneling protocols that offers the best connection speeds for subscribers. However, not all major VPN services provide the PPTP protocol as it is not secure and can easily be broken.
L2TP / IPsec
L2TP / IPsec is another tunneling protocol that you can choose to protect your privacy online. Even so, this protocol depends a lot on the single port. This is the reason why not all the excellent VPN software has the L2TP / IPsec function in their arsenal.
If you do not want to use the PPTP or L2TP / IPsec protocol, you can trust the SSTP tunnel protocol. Therefore, you can perform your desired activities online anonymously from anywhere.
IKEv2 is included in the list of the best VPN protocol since it offers speed and security under one roof. In the same way, users can opt for the protocol on their Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices without problems.

Wrapping things

We hope you like our guide to the best VPN services for 2019. Through our guide, users can select the VPN services that offer the highest level of anonymity and protection. In addition, subscribers can evaluate the benefits of VPN in terms of prices, speed, connectivity, the network of servers and others.
Similarly, subscribers can secure their online privacy from intruders or hackers to another level. In addition, users can continue to perform various online activities such as games, video streaming services, web browsing, and others. By doing so, you can overcome problems such as online censorship, surveillance of ISPs, blocking the region from anywhere.
We have also discussed in detail about what features to focus on when making a purchase decision. We have defined and discussed in detail the VPN providers in terms of the best VPN for torrents, Kodi, Reddit and we finalized the list after testing these services at different levels.
We value our readers and we always want to provide informative and highly knowledgeable blogs. Therefore, you can choose any of them without even thinking twice.
Since choosing the right VPN seems as daunting as jumping off a cliff, we have provided you with a vision of the best VPN services for your needs. We have also listed the elements you should focus on before buying a good or excellent VPN for your online privacy.
If you want to add something to the guide, you can share your comments in the comments section below.